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Basic Logo Commands
  • RIGHT x
  • LEFT x
  • HOME - go back to (0,0)
  • CLEAR - clear the screen
  • REPEAT x [command]
The letter "x" above should be replaced by a number representing the number of spaces to move (in the case of FORWARD and BACKWARD commands), the number of degress to turn (in the case of RIGHT and LEFT), or the number of repetitions (REPEAT command).
  User Documentation
  [ UserDoc.rtfd (40kb) ] or [ UserDoc.txt (12kb) ]

  Educator Documentation
  [ EducatorDoc.rtf (8 kb) ] or [ EducatorDoc.txt (4 kb) ]

  Programmer Documentation
  [ SourceDoc.rtfd (28kb) ] or [ SourceDoc.txt (8kb) ]

If you have any feedback, comments, suggestions, or would like to see XLogo in another language please go to the project website and use the forms provided. Information on the FreeBSD license can be found at, and more information on LOGO can be found at Logo
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