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Source code available under a BSD style license
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XLogo was designed using the MVC (Model-View-Controller) paradigm and programmed in Objective-C (Cocoa). All attempts are made to document the code very heavily using comments as well as external documentation (see Documentation page).

TurtleView - The graphics/drawing area.
Controls - Buttons and sliders.
TextFields - Command entry and command list fields
TurtleController - Traffic cop for all data transfers and actions
Turtle - Holds turtle data (location, speed, etc..)
CommandMaster - Stores commands and interprets them

Current Version: 0.3.5 (updated November 23, 2003)

Download: [ XLogo Source Code (252kb) ]

Project Website:
MVC Design for XLogo
MVC Design for XLogo
If you have any feedback, comments, suggestions, or would like to see XLogo in another language please go to the project website and use the forms provided. Information on the FreeBSD license can be found at, and more information on LOGO can be found at Logo
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